This month’s guest presenter is Ross Anderson (also known as the Motivational Dude) who is a speaker, trainer and consultant specialising in wellbeing, psychology and human optimisation. He helps people to focus on their minds and bodies, to realise their potential and live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling and successful life. Ross’s mission is to optimise 1 million lives by 2030, with a vision of transforming wellbeing worldwide.

His training and keynotes have been delivered in 180 countries over 5 continents. He works with several fortune 500 companies, is ACCA Global’s representative for Development, and Dell Technologies Ambassador for Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Ross’s work is delivered with the perfect balance of silly, serious and science to entertain, educate and elevate lives. A true experimenter who explores new frontiers and dedicates his time and resources to developing a deeper understanding of his craft in the service of amplifying others.

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