December meeting and Christmas lunch

The final meeting of 2017 combines our Christmas lunch at the Erskine Bridge Hotel on the 18th starting at 11.30am for 12pm, finishing around 2pm. Thanks Laura Lamb for arranging this amazing price of £13.46 for 3 courses, tea/coffee and a drink – yes, alcohol included!

Please contact:
Laura Lamb, Sales Manager
Erskine Bridge Hotel and Spa
DDI: 0141 812 8505
Mob: 07920118153
Tel: 0141 812 0123

To book your place.

We will have our usual collection (in envelopes) for a local charity, counted and donated on the day, as well as our business card draw, so don’t forget to bring one!

‘Festive’ attire is mandatory, but a sparkly scarf/tie is acceptable 😉